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How can people with Aspergers cope with anger and depression?

Anger and depression are both issues more common in Aspergers syndrome than in the general population. Part of the problem stems from a conflict between longings for social contact and an inability to be social in ways that attract friendships and relationships. Even young children seem to know that they are not the same as other kids and this gets emphasized in the social era of adolescence. Many cases of depression, in fact, begin in adolescence. Anger, too, stems from feeling out of place and being angry at oneís circumstances in life.

Ideally, the focus should be on prevention and on helping younger children with Aspergers syndrome develop communication skills and develop a healthy self esteem. These things can create the ability to develop relationships and friendships, lessening the chances of having issues with anger or depression.

Anger can also come in Aspergers syndrome sufferers when rituals canít get accomplished or when their need for order or symmetry canít be met. Frustration over what doesnít usually bother others can lead to anger and sometimes, violent outbursts. This kind of anger is best handled through cognitive-behavioral therapy that focuses on maintaining control in spite of the frustration of not having their needs met.

While it is better to teach communication skills and self esteem to the younger children, communication skills and friendship skills can be taught to teens or even adults that can eliminate some of the social isolation they feel. This can avert or reverse depression and anger symptoms.

The truth is that some Aspergers syndrome patients become so depressed that they commit suicide. Other Aspergers syndrome patients become angry enough that they get violent and hurt or kill others as a result. The challenge becomes recognizing these individuals before they do harm and getting them into therapy or starting medications for depressions or for obsessive compulsive symptoms so that tragedy can be avoided.

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