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Thank you for your recent interest in my work.

I am happy to have so many people write to me from the four corners of the world, with questions and with wonderful testimonials (for which I am very grateful! Thank you!!)

Unfortunately, due to an overwhelming inflow of queries I find myself unable to respond to each email individually.

I sincerely wish to help you and your loved ones with Aspergers. So I hope that I have covered what you want to ask in the following FAQ page:

1. Question

“I don't have a credit card – do you accept cheques or cash?”


At this point in time, we ONLY accept payment through Clickbank, and via credit card uniquely, and we offer the information ONLY in e-form (NOT hard copy). A lot of my readers have friends of theirs buy the ebook for them, with their credit cards. This is very common for my customers in Africa, India, & Pakistan.

2. Question

“ I am having problems when trying to purchase the book, what should I do?”


Same answer as above.
Clickbank some times refuses payments from certain countries or types of credit cards.
Clickbank now provides the option of paying through Paypal, though.

3. Question

“Can I get a hard copy of the book?”


The book is only available as an e-book via a download. This is excellent as you receive the information immediately! You can also print out the book so that it is easier to read.

4. Question

“What happens after I’ve paid for your ebook, through Clickbank’s secure server? How do I actually receive the ebook?”


Once you’ve filled in your payment details, Clickbank will automatically and instantly forward you to my ‘thank you’ page, where you will be able to download my ebook and free bonuses (it takes just a few seconds to do so).

5. Question

”How much is the book in my currency?”


The book is priced in US Dollars. Go to www.oanda.com/convert/classic and type in the US Dollar amount in the top left hand box and select your own currency in the bottom right hand box. Click ‘Convert Now’ to find out the price.

6. Question

“How do I download my ebook?”


In order to open your book you must have a copy of Winzip which can be downloaded for free by clicking on this link www.winzip.com/downwz.htm and selecting the 'Winzip' option.

(This is a free 'evaluation' (trial).

You must also have Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free download and can be found at www.adobe.com.

8. Question

“I am having challenges / technical problems downloading my ebook. What should I do?”


Please ensure that you have followed the advice in the answer to the previous question. If this has not worked, please email info@parentingaspergers.com with the subject “(receipt number), (name of book) – technical challenge” and briefly describe the problem so that we may send you a copy via email.

9. Question

“I bought my ebook but I still haven’t received it. What should I do?”


Once you have paid through Clickbank, Clickbank will automatically re-direct you to my ‘Thank-you’ page (also known as my ‘Download’ page), where you can simply download my ebook + bonuses.

Please ensure that you HAVE paid, and that you have the Winzip and Adobe software necessary to open the file.

If you have paid, you should have received a receipt number from Clickbank.

Also: please see answer to previous question.

10. Question

“I didn’t receive my free mini-course – please can you send me the mini-course again?”


Some times certain Internet providers block automatic emails or send it to your ‘Junk’ folder.

In order to get another copy of your free mini-course, please write to info@parentingaspergers.com with the subject “Please send me my Free mini-course on Parenting Aspergers"

11. Question

“Does the book come in any other languages?”


For the time being, the book is only available in English.

12. Question

“Is there an audio version of the book available?”


Currently, I am working on producing an audio version of my book. This will be ready in due course.

Should your question NOT have been covered in the above FAQ page, please email me at info@parentingaspergers.com

Yours sincerely

Dave Angel


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